This Handy Chart Tells You Which Fruits Are in Season

Image: Louis Alexander and Alexandria Ward

Fruits add an irreplaceable flavour to some of our favourite desserts and cocktails, and can also be used to make syrups, jams, and delicious infused water. In order to get the most out of your fruits, it is best to buy seasonal; not only do you support local farmers and sustainable farming practices that way, but seasonally-grown produce is also a much healthier option. When you eat fresh seasonal produce, it’s packed with more nutrients than something that has been frozen, shipped, or is full of pesticides.

Check out this seasonal fruit chart created by Shari’s Berries, and let it inspire your next experiment in the kitchen. It lists over 50 fruits by their peak season. Simply look for the fruit you wish to use, and the chart will show you when it is available – or, alternatively, check out the month of the year you’re planning a meal for to see which fruits will be in season.

Bear in mind that seasonal fruits may vary from year to year depending on the climate. If an area is too cold or too hot, it could affect availability and length of the growing season, so it is best to check with the grocer or farmer to know exactly what is available during each month. Also, there are some fruits, such as avocados, coconuts, and bananas, which are grown in tropics and are in season all year long because they require different conditions.

Shari's Berries fruits in season

Author: Julissa Arangure-Garcia of Shari’s Berries

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