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We believe in your good intentions. We know how busy life is, and how hard it can be to find the time to research ethical alternatives for the products and services that you use every day. That is why we have done the legwork for you, creating a guide that provides you with positive-impact products to fill your wardrobes, desks, bathroom cabinets, and more.

We all spend money on life’s necessities; we want to connect you with the brands who can use our purchases to change the world for the better.

Because everyone has different priorities and little time to research, we have marked each product we feature with a series of badges that signify their particular strengths. Wherever possible, we try to supply you with a selection of products to cover your needs, whether you live in the UK or the USA. At the bottom of each page in our ‘Worthy of Note’ section, we’ve also collected some relevant charities, apps, and resources and briefly outlined what they are and how they can help you.

‘Ethical consumerism’ means something different to everyone – which is why we will always strive to bring you a good range of products, as well as articles in each section exploring related issues. Some of the products we feature use recycled leather, for example, and some are vegan. Not every product will meet everyone’s criteria, but we believe it’s better to start somewhere than not to start at all. As Tina Fey said, “You can’t be that kid standing at the top of the waterslide, overthinking it. You have to go down the chute.”

See something that is missing from our product selection? Know of a great brand that you’ve tried and tested, and is local to you? We’d love to hear about it. Or maybe you notice that there’s a gap in the market (tech companies, we’re looking at you), and you feel inspired to start your own ethical business. We’d love to share your story, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

It’s our job to empower you to make the world a better place, every day.

Product badges

All of the products we choose to feature meet high ethical standards in several ways. Because everyone has different priorities, we have marked each product with a series of badges that signify their particular strengths.

Environmentally FriendlyGreen
Focus on sustainability

Cruelty FreeCruelty Free
Good animal welfare

Fairly TradedFairly Traded
Ethical wages and working conditions

Unique craftsmanship

Gives BackGives Back
Sales benefit worthy causes

Special Thanks


We would like to offer special thanks to everyone who supported the Crowdfunder campaign that raised the money for us to create A Better Place, especially the gorgeous home wares brand bennettandbates, and the wonderful ethical diamond company Ingle & Rhode. We also want to thank Brasserie Blanc for letting us use their beautiful Oxford restaurant as a location for our Objects of Desire section header photograph, and Fired Earth for providing us with the beautiful images in the Bathroom Cabinet sections.

Is your brand a good match for A Better Place?

We are always on the lookout for new ethical products, and are very keen to hear from you if your brand values, and production methods, align with our mission.

Please get in touch with our Product Curator, Madeleine Lawson (maddy@abetterplacejournal.com) to find out more about how we could work together.

If you are not sure whether you’re a good fit for A Better Place, take a look at our brand questionnaire, which will give you an idea of the kind of questions we ask everyone before we can consider featuring them on the website.

Would you like to contribute to A Better Place?

Office supplies

If you are a kindred creative spirit who is interested in writing for us, or providing photographs and illustrations, we would love to hear from you.

Please get in touch at: sophie@abetterplacejournal.com. You can download our pitching guidelines, here.

We don’t currently have the resources to pay our contributors, but are working hard to change that. In the meantime, we greatly value your work and will support and promote you in every way we can.