Meet the Team


Sophie Caldecott

Founder & Editor-in-Chief
Section Editor for The Nursery

Sophie is a daydreamer and a determined optimist, and has loved writing ever since she could first hold a pen. She has an MA in Magazine Journalism, and has worked as a Section Editor for the Ethical Fashion Forum in London, as well as with several other not-for-profits alongside her freelance writing and work with Verily Magazine as a Headline Writer.


Madeleine Lawson

Co-Founder & Product Curator
A firm believer in the importance of heritage and traditional craftsmanship, Maddy spends half of her working week behind the counter at a little shop called Objects of Use, encouraging customers to buy less and choose well. In her spare time, she can often be found wandering amongst the vegetable patches of National Trust kitchen gardens or setting up camp in a forest or field – usually in the company of her husband and her camera, both equally loved. She’s happiest when wearing wellies (they even made an appearance at her wedding) and dreams of setting up a green glamping business.


Rose-Marie Caldecott

Art Editor
Rose-Marie is a practising fine artist, keen photographer, and songwriter. She studied Fine Art at Falmouth University, where she spent her time either breathing in turpentine and oils, or roaming along the cliffs of the Cornish coast. Rose-Marie is passionate about beauty and honesty, and wherever possible, looks to encourage beautiful living.


Ileana Lund

Digital & Commercial Manager
Responsible for making the numbers add up, Ileana has several years of digital experience under her belt. Balancing hard-nosed financials with the creativity necessary to getting a startup off the ground, she’ll be going after every available revenue stream going. A not-so-secret bibliophile, for Ileana heaven is sunshine, a cool drink, and a very good book.


Taylor Olsen

Consulting Editor
Section Editor, Objects of Desire

Taylor studied English literature and marketing management, but most of her education comes from wearing various hats at Image Journal, a literary not-for-profit. Since the arrival of her baby daughter she consults for Image, opines on recently released books and music for ImageUpdate, memorizes poetry, works on her (forthcoming) Etsy shop of hand-lettered objects, and investigates the intersection of green and frugal living – despite the fact that shopping is still her best homemaking skill.


Jessica Bailey

Resource Curator
During the week Jessica teaches History and Politics to 11-18 year olds, very much hoping that the next generation will learn from the past and make this world a better place. At weekends, she puts the textbooks aside and rummages around in search of blogs, shops, cafés and other treasures.


Katherine Button

PR & Section Editor, Bathroom Cabinet
Katherine loved writing from an early age and has always, secretly, thought that she might change the world someday. Fast forwarding past a Politics degree and an MA in Magazine Journalism, Katherine is startled to find herself working in PR in a big shiny office and wonders how it all got so grown up. On weekends you may find her bounding about the countryside on long walks, forgetting to go to her allotment, and coveting other peoples’ dogs.


Jessica Cropper

Section Editor, The Kitchen Sink
Since leaving university, where she studied English Language with German, Jessica has worked in Germany as a Language Assistant and in Peru as a health and natural remedy writer. She is now back in the UK and loving life as an Editorial Assistant. In her spare time she likes to create beauty products from anything she can find in her kitchen and also dabble in learning new languages.


Sarah Glendon

Section Editor, Wardrobe
Few things make Sarah happier than crisp fall days, a good documentary, almond milk lattes, the beach, playing dress up, all things shiny and glamorous, trying new restaurants, and her family. She lives and works in Tampa, Florida with her husband and their rescue poodle (her two greatest sources of joy). Sarah has an MS in Environmental Engineering Science and works for a global engineering consulting firm.

Sophie Charara

Sophie Charara

Section Editor, The Desk
Sophie Charara is a tech journalist in London who is trying not to ruin the world. After a few years spent working for Stuff Magazine testing gadgets and writing about new apps, innovations and devices, she now works as a Contributing Editor for Wareable. She thinks humans can still save the day.


Elizabeth Vather

Section Editor, The Pantry
Armed with a degree in Linguistics, Elizabeth began working as an editor in digital publishing and now works in marketing in education technology. She’s a serial language learner (up to eight at the moment), and she enjoys nothing more than exploring nature, either by foot or horseback. In her spare time, you can find her wielding a wooden spoon, whipping up desserts like chai ice cream and baklava in her tiny San Francisco kitchen.


Libby Turner

Web Designer
Libby started her own website design company, Joy Web Design, in 2012 after running an online vintage furniture business, and finding that she preferred building and maintaining the website to sourcing and selling the furniture. She is passionate about working with small businesses, and loves the opportunity to create something truly beautiful.


Cara Bendon

Brand Designer
Cara is the founder of Cara Bendon Brand Consultancy, a boutique agency specialising in creating great brands for small and medium sized businesses. She is stupidly visual and always has about three sketchbooks on the go. Cara is passionate about supporting young people and women in business and making great ideas come to life.