Sunglasses by TOMS

Aviator Sunglasses – £99.99

This pair of sunglasses is a stylish take on the classic retro aviator style, with metal frames in a warm gold tone. TOMS also make many other styles of sunglasses, with helpful advice on which face shape they would suit in the product listings.

TOMS famously pioneered the One for One, inspiring companies all around the world to see philanthropy as a key part of their business model rather than an optional extra or a vague longer-term goal; they’ve proven that your business can give back right from the start, as well as being successful.

For every TOMS product you buy, a portion of the profit goes to help a person in need through various charitable partnerships, whether it’s by giving shoes, eye care, maternal health and safe birth services, or clean water to communities around the world.

Gives Back

Gives BackSince TOMS was founded back in 2006, over 10 million pairs of shoes have been given to children in need in over 60 different countries, as well as helping a reported 325,000 people’s sight and performing around 175,000 cataract surgeries with money earned through their eyewear line. They have also developed a 100% sustainable coffee line that gives clean drinking water to the communities that produce the coffee, and enable safer births for mothers and babies in developing countries by partnering with Every Mother Counts through sales of their bags and other products.

Every TOMS eyewear purchase helps fund the restoring of sight in deprived areas around the world through the giving of prescription glasses, medical treatment and sight-saving surgeries, as well as investing in the clinics, hospitals, and people who work at them. TOMS currently work with 15 Giving Partners including Seva, Childsight, and Visualiza as well as many other locally-based eyecare organisations restoring sight in 13 different countries.