Bicycles by Shinola

USA-Made City Bicycles – $1,950

These beautiful city bicycles come in a variety of prices, colours, and styles, for men and women. This particular design, called ‘The Women’s Bixby’, is a cruiser model with a three-speed internal hub, beautiful custom Shinola fender mounts, and high quality leather handle grips and seat. It also comes with a retro copper-coloured bell.

Shinola is dedicated to reviving industry in Detroit, one of America’s historic centres of trade and manufacturing that has suffered economically with high rates of unemployment for a generation or more. Shinola is “reclaiming the making of things that are made well”, reclaiming American-made products, reviving lost skills and the local economy by creating new jobs and training employees in skilled work.

All Shinola bicycles are hand assembled by experts in their Detroit Flagship retail store, using only the highest quality components available. The frames are produced in Wisconsin by the American steel bicycle frame producers, Waterford, and their assembly all happens in Detroit.



HandmadeBoth the bicycle frames and the assembly of the bicycles is done by hand by experts in the Waterford workshop in rural Wisconsin, and by Shinola themselves in Detroit.

Fairly Traded

Fairly TradedAt Shinola, the supply chain is short and transparent; the employees are all listed on the website, so that you can find out who made your product and what kind of environment they work in. Shinola work exclusively in Detroit, training up employees and giving them valuable new skills, creating jobs that were lost when industry moved aboard, and reviving the local economy.


Environmentally FriendlyInvesting in a bicycle is a great way to lower your impact on the environment and cut the carbon emissions you would otherwise be using when driving a car. Supporting local American industry also has a positive impact on the environment, with materials and products being transported for shorter distances. Cycle on, friends!