Chocolate by Pacari

‘Single Origins’ Chocolate Bars – $24.99 (collection of 4)

These deliciously rich 70% cacao dark chocolate bars have been made using hand-selected organic cacao beans from one specific region of the tropical forests of Latin America, meaning that each bar gives you a pure taste of a particular terrain.

Pacari are dedicated to producing fine chocolate made in small batches, and all of their chocolate is made entirely in Ecuador with 100% USDA certified organic ingredients. The company was built on socially and environmentally sustainable principles; they partner with small-scale local cacao growers to help preserve their traditional methods of farming and safeguard the biodiversity of the cacao in Ecuador.


Fairly Traded

Fairly traded-(large)Because Pacari work directly with their own producers, there are no “middle men” or ambiguous supply chains. They pay their producers higher than the market price for their cacao beans so that they can continue to use sustainable farming methods and maintain ethical work practices. Pacari’s own workshop is located within a few hours drive from most of their suppliers, which means that they are able to improve their organic agriculture processes and bean quality as well as developing long-term partnerships and great working relationships with them.


Environmentally-Friendly-(large)Pacari are committed to organic and sustainable agriculture, believing that non organic methods harm both the environment and the farmers who work the land. Pacari only purchases cacao from certified organic farms, and works with traditional cacao growers rather than plantations where cacao trees have been growing and intermingling for hundreds of years. The cross-pollination that occurs in natural settings greatly reduces the risk of a plague wiping out the cacao seeds, and means that if a disease does affect cacao trees in another country, these small family farms in Ecuador will be able to provide seeds for replanting.

Gives Back

Gives back - badgePacari are involved with a number of biodiversity programs that benefit the cacao-growing communities in which they work. One of these projects is Project Flashlight, which is a program dedicated to bringing a more sustainable method of lighting to farmers in rural Ecuador. In these remote areas where electricity is scarce, farmers often rely on batteries to provide them with light, which are highly polluting to the environment as well as being expensive for the farmers. Project Flashlight is working to supply farmers with solar powered flashlights that will save them money as well as reducing their negative environmental impact.

They also have a technical enablement program through which they coordinate donations of used computers to agricultural schools around Ecuador. Most of the used computers they provide schools with are donated by Pacari customers, and they encourage people to get in touch via their website if they have some technology to donate to the scheme.