Coffee by Stumptown

Whole Bean Organic Ethiopian Coffee – $18

Stumptown describe this coffee as “A gentle round melon with floral lemon and hops, then a warm, vanilla-black tea finish.” (You can tell these guys really love coffee.) The prime soil and growing conditions at Mordecofe (where these beans were grown) make for some of the most beautiful, clean beans available in Ethiopia, which is wild coffee’s original home.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters are passionate about crafting the perfect cup of coffee, and for them that includes taking their environmental responsibilities seriously and sourcing with transparency and fairness.



Environmentally-Friendly-(large)This coffee is 100% certified organic, which supports a better life for the community of farmers and their families while promoting environmental stewardship. Farmers are provided new seedlings through nursery sites and extensive education on harvesting, cherry selection and organic agricultural practices. Twelve permanent staff members offer practical experience in coffee production, processing, and harvesting. In addition, 200 temporary workers are hired during the harvest. Some subsidiary projects include beekeeping to produce honey and eco-tourism opportunities for travellers.

Fairly Traded

Fairly traded-(large)Stumptown pride themselves on their close relationships with their coffee bean growers and producers, and provide detailed information about who grows which beans on their website.

These beans were grown in Ethiopia by a producer called Haile Gebre, who grows coffee on land previously owned by his grandfather. Apparently, Haile started his farm as a retirement project and is now producing some of the best Ethiopian coffees Stumptown has ever tried. They write that “he shaped the current coffee industry in Ethiopia, bringing unions and co-op structure to his country after studying in Russia.”

They also say that he oversees every step of the process and takes wonderful care of his workers, including having dance parties the night before big harvests. Haile is also working directly with nearby farmers to help them grow ever-higher quality coffee.