Dark Chocolate by Seed & Bean

Organic Fair Trade Extra Dark Chocolate – £2.49

Seed and Bean is the only fairly-traded, organic chocolate company to be awarded 100% ethical accreditation from The Ethical Company Organisation, scoring top marks in every category of comparison. But it’s not just about the impeccable ethics: here at ABP, we’re agreed that it’s the best chocolate we’ve ever come across. (And we eat a lot of chocolate.)

The Extra Dark bar is perfect in every way: it’s organic, Fairtrade certified, suitable for vegans, and tastes heavenly. We also love the Coconut and Raspberry version, but if you’re more of a milk chocolate person then try the Cornish Sea Salt and Lime – you won’t be disappointed.


Fairly Traded

Fairly traded-(large)Seed & Bean Organic Extra Dark Chocolate is certified Fairtrade, as are many of the other bars. The ingredients of those bars without official certification have still been fairly traded.


Environmentally-Friendly-(large)Unlike most other brands of organic and fair trade chocolate, which are manufactured in Europe and then transported thousands of miles back to the UK in temperature-controlled HGVs, Seed & Bean bars are made entirely in England and therefore travel far fewer food miles than their competitors. Their inner ‘foil’ wrappers are made from ‘Natureflex’, a cellulose film produced from renewable eucalyptus wood pulp, and are home-compostable. The outer wrappers, being made from paper, are also recyclable.

Hand Crafted

Handmade-(large)With a batch-size of just 45 litres (compared to the chocolate world’s normal 20-50,000 litres), Seed & Bean is an artisan operation. The chocolate is produced using ‘hands-on’ methods in a small facility in Northamptonshire, England.

Cruelty Free

Cruelty free-(large)All Seed & Bean dark chocolate is vegan-friendly.