Diamond Rings by Ingle & Rhode

Conflict-Free Diamond Rings – from £1695

Ingle & Rhode's beautiful diamond rings are the ultimate conflict-free engagement rings. Founded in 2007 in response to a serious lack of luxury ethical jewellery, the company keep their costs down to a minimum by operating from a discreet premises in Marylebone, London, where you can view rings by appointment and online, instead of having traditional shops; they pass on these savings to their customers, keeping their rings at a competitive price despite being painstakingly ethically sourced and quality-controlled. Their designs are all crafted in the UK using Fairtrade certified gold and Canadian conflict-free diamonds and gemstones, which each come with their own unique 'birth certificate', telling you exactly where they were mined.

Ingle & Rhode's rings range from the contemporary to the vintage-inspired in their designs, and they also offer a bespoke service for those looking to see their own design come to life.


Fairly Traded

Fairly TradedIngle & Rhode only use Fairtrade certified or recycled pure gold and platinum. Their diamonds and gemstones can be traced back to their mine of origin, and as well as being guaranteed conflict-free, they come from suppliers that treat their workers with dignity and respect.

They source their diamonds in Canada, and their coloured gemstones in small-scale mining cooperatives around the world where wealth generated is directly retained by the local communities. Others come from the US and Australia, and they are cut and polished under ethical working conditions, many at the Surat Diamond Workers Cooperative in Gujarat, India. Here, wages are calculated on fair trade principles, and employees are entitled to paid holiday, sick leave, and maternity leave.

If you would like to learn more about some of the issues connected with obtaining truly conflict-free diamonds, you can read more, here.


HandmadeIngle & Rhode’s rings are all crafted in the UK by well-respected and highly talented craftsmen and women.


Ingle & Rhode only work with diamond and gemstone suppliers who strive to mitigate their impact on the environment and conduct business in an environmentally sustainable way, a rare feat for the precious stone industry.