Dish Cloths by Jangneus

Compostable Dishcloth- £2.95

Jangneus is a small family-run business based in the UK’s Cotswolds; the dishcloths’ colourful designs are inspired by the Founder’s Swedish roots, and printed locally on an ultra absorbent mix of cellulose and cotton which is machine washable (your cloth may shrink in the wash, but it will soon get back to its normal shape and size when you get it wet again), long lasting, and ultimately 100% biodegradable. When you’ve finally worn out your dishcloth, you can dispose of it straight onto the compost heap. Who knew that a simple dishcloth could be so much fun?



Environmentally-Friendly-(large)These clever little dishcloths are made from 100% natural, biodegradable, and renewable materials, meaning that they do not contribute to landfill in any way.