Earl Grey Tea by Hampstead Tea

Earl Grey Tea – £2.39

Hampstead Tea is both fair trade and organic, and it comes from the Makaibari estate in India: the world’s first biodynamic tea farm. Each variety comes in three different styles – a box of 25 sachets for those in a hurry, or the more leisurely option of loose-leaf tea packaged in either a pouch or a tin. Darjeeling is Hampstead’s signature blend, but the Earl Grey is our favourite; a sophisticated classic scented with pure bergamot oil for a flavour packed with citrus and floral notes.



Environmentally-Friendly-(large)The Makaibari estate in the Darjeeling region of India is the first in the world to have been granted biodynamic status. According to Hampstead Tea: “Biodynamic farming simply ensures that you put more in than you take out, and that animals, plants, people and soil all work together to create a forever living environment.”

Fairly Traded

Fairly traded-(large)Hampstead Tea Earl Grey is Fairtrade certified.