Fonts by Homeless Fonts

Fonts That Empower Homeless People – €19 (personal), €290 (professional license)

Homeless Fonts is an incredible organisation based in Barcelona, Spain, that works with homeless people to design and sell fonts based on their handwriting that brands and individuals can download to their computers and use on their packaging and designs.

Here at A Better Place we use the beautiful Luis Serra font on our website and branding, and want to encourage anyone and everyone to look at their range of fonts and consider incorporating them into your own work.

There is something incredibly beautiful about the idea of empowering people through their handwriting, especially for homeless people who so often rely on writing signs to communicate with the people who pass them on the street: it means seeing the dignity in everyone, whatever their situation in life. By turning their handwriting into unique and desirable typefaces for the world to buy, Homeless Fonts is proving that their dignity and self-worth is something inherent to them, and is something that no one can take away.


Gives Back

Gives back - badgeHomeless Fonts is an initiative founded by the Arrels Foundation, a homeless charity based in Barcelona, Spain. All proceeds from sales of the various different typefaces Homeless Fonts offer go towards their work helping around 1400 homeless people.

Fairly Traded

Fairly traded-(large)Homeless Fonts provide in depth information about each person that they work with; when you buy a font, you really get to know the person behind the handwriting. Each sale directly helps them, through the work of the Arrels Foundation, whose goal is that no one should have to beg on the street for their life by recognizing that there’s no one size fits all solution, and that everyone needs a different kind of help.