Frame by Nkuku

Antique-Style Brass Photo Frame – £14.95-£22.95

An adorable way of displaying printed out photographs, Nkuku’s Danta antique-style brass frame comes in three sizes – 4 x 6in portrait, 5 x 7in portrait and 8 x 10in portrait. Each frame comes with a wire stand to display pics from your compact camera or Instagram. Nkuku states that it uses recycled metals in many of its products and its frames are made from a mix of recycled light metals and aluminium. Recycling aluminium requires just 5% of the energy and produces just 5% of the CO2 emissions compared to producing it.

Nkuku is based in South Devon and produces kitchen, dining and homeware that is socially responsible, Fair Trade and sustainable. The name Nkuku comes from a village in Zambia – part of Nkuku’s work involves promoting and developing the skills of traditional artisans in Africa and India.

Nkuku delivers to the UK mainland for a standard delivery price – it is happy to ship internationally but the delivery charge is based on the size and weight of the products ordered.


Fairly Traded

Fairly traded-(large)Nkuku ensures compliance with the Fair Trade code of conduct by making regular visits to its suppliers as well as maintaining direct relationships with the artisans who create the products. Working conditions for Nkuku workers are safe and to a good standard, workers are paid a decent wage, no children are exploited in the production of the products. Nkuku also works with a number of social projects, co-ops and family businesses. It ensures a dialogue with workers, supports apprenticeship schemes and asks its suppliers to comply with Fair Trade’s Criteria Form.


Environmentally-Friendly-(large)Nkuku’s environmental mission is to create goods that are made from natural and recycled materials through sustainable methods of production. The company uses recycled materials and natural dyes ‘where possible’; minimises the environmental impact of production and distribution, uses sea freight instead of air freight and ensures fashion items have longevity and are not made to be thrown away. It provides details of all the materials used in its products on its website including jute, cotton paper, wood, glass, metals, hemp, paint dye and recycled saris.

Gives Back

Gives back - badgeNkuku uses company profits to invest in charity. It sponsors a young mother in Mancacare, Sri Lanka via Kids Company and The Village of Hopes and Dreams.