Ice Cream by Straus Creamery

Organic Brown Sugar Banana Ice Cream

This rich dessert combines the flavours of roasted, ripe bananas and brown sugar with dark chocolate chips. Straus Family Creamery uses only organic ingredients resulting in some of the creamiest, highest quality ice cream. This ice cream is also Non-GMO Project Verified, certified kosher, and gluten free.

Located in Northern California, Straus is family owned and operated. It was the first 100% certified organic creamery in the country, creating the first field-to-bottle infrastructure for organic milk. They also care deeply about the quality of life for their cows, who spend their days grazing in pastures, weather permitting. Straus never treats their cows with hormones or antibiotics, and they never use any herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilisers.

Straus Family Creamery sells their products in a variety of locations in the Western United States. They believe in a philosophy of local dairy farms rather than shipping dairy products all over the country—if their products aren’t available in your area, check to see if there are any dairies local to you.



Environmentally-Friendly-(large)Straus Family Creamery was the first 100% certified organic creamery in the USA. All of their certified organic dairy products are Non-GMO Project Verified, certified kosher, and gluten free. The cows graze on pastures in good weather and are given only 100% organically grown feeds. The cows are never treated with growth hormones or antibiotics, and no additives, fillers, or artificial ingredients are ever used in any of their dairy products.

Straus also uses sustainable and innovative farming practices. Their milk is packaged in reusable glass bottles, which are reused on average 4-6 times before re-entering the recycling stream. The bottles themselves are made with up to 50% recycled glass. They never use any herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers on their land, and by using a no-till method of planting, they are able to prevent soil erosion and reduce fuel consumption.

The dairy uses a methane digester to transform methane gas from manure into electricity (enough electricity to run meters in reverse). Aside from the energy this system generates, this method also prevents methane gas, a greenhouse gas 23 times more detrimental than carbon dioxide, from entering the atmosphere. Two by-products, separated solids and leftover liquids, are then used as organic fertilizer on pastures.

Straus also implements a closed-loop system to reuse water from the creamery at the dairy, where it is used to flush the barns, to help generate renewable energy through the methane digester, and to irrigate the pastures.