Luxury Pencil Sleeve by Sail

Leather Pencil Sleeve – £29

This exquisite case for your most treasured selection of pencils, paintbrushes or pens is made from natural vegetable tanned leather. It features Sail’s signature linen thread hand stitching and is hand cut, hand dyed in nine different shades including black, natural and dark brown tan. The leather has been finished by a process of hand polishing and burnishing.

Sail is the product of a collaboration between two creatives, Lisa and Leon, who work out of a workshop in Derbyshire. The leather is tanned using bark, leaves, fruit and roots and most pieces are hand dyed. Custom work and special requests are welcomed by the pair. As Sail’s products are handmade, standard delivery time is two weeks unless otherwise stated on the website.



Handmade-(large)Sail focuses on small production runs and high quality craftsmanship. The studio uses traditional methods such as hand waxing the 1960’s Irish Barbour linen thread using natural beeswax. It is then used to hand stitch the products using saddle stitch for a classic look and feel. Sail says that its accessories will develop a natural patina as they age.