davids natural toothpaste USA
davids natural toothpaste USA
davids natural toothpaste USA
davids natural toothpaste USA

Toothpaste by Davids

Premium Natural Toothpaste – $7.95

Davids is a premium natural SLS-free toothpaste made in Northern California. Limestone powder and bicarbonate of soda remove plaque and safely whiten your teeth, with birth xylitol to remineralise tooth enamel, and natural mint oil which gives it a truly delicious taste (seriously, this is the best tasting toothpaste we’ve ever tried!). Davids are committed to sourcing ingredients and producing their toothpaste in the USA, supporting USA jobs and keeping things as local as possible.


Environmentally FriendlyDavids natural toothpaste uses natural ingredients that are totally free from sulphates, artificial colours, sweeteners, flavours, and preservatives. Their cardboard packaging is certified as sustainable by the FSC, and is produced using 100% wind power. The tube itself is recyclable metal.

Fairly Traded

Fairly traded-(large) Davids uses 98% USA origin ingredients, thereby ensuring fair labour practices using the highest quality suppliers, and supporting the US economy.


Cruelty Free

Cruelty free-(large)Davids is certified by the Leaping Bunny as not tested on animals, and also doesn’t use any animal by-products and is therefore vegan-friendly.