Panties by THINX

Period-Proof Underwear – $29

Get ready to have your minds blown, ladies. THINX is an innovative American company that makes beautiful, functional, and innovative period panties. Using patented technology, THINX “Cheeky” style panties hold up to one tampon’s worth of liquid and can be worn alone or in conjunction with other protection, depending on your cycle. They’re so comfortable you forget you’re wearing them, and they provide peace of mind from worrying about leaks when you’re on your period.

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, THINX works to eliminate the shame and stigma surrounding menstruation in much of the world. In the developing world, many girls can’t attend school while they’re on their period; for every pair of THINX you purchase, funds are donated to AFRIpads, an organisation in Uganda which provides washable, reusable cloth pads so that girls can stay in school.


Gives Back

Gives BackAn estimated 100 million girls in the developing world fall behind in school because of their periods. This leads many of them to eventually drop out. With every purchase of THINX, the company sends funds to their partner organisation AFRIpads, located in Uganda with 130 employees and four factories. AFRIpads trains women to sew and sell washable, reusable cloth pads, empowering local women economically. Then a girl is able to purchase an affordable and sustainable pack of pads, enabling them to be at school every day of the month.

Fairly Traded

Fairly TradedAll THINX underwear is made at a family-run factory in Sri Lanka. THINX say that they chose to work with these manufacturers because they believe them to have an outstanding commitment to providing supplementary education and training to its female employees in particular, empowering them to become leaders in their communities.