Pencil Case by Undercover

Deep Leather Pencil Case – £20

This pencil case was handmade in England from recycled leather. It is available in a huge array of hues including a lovely peacock green, candy floss pink, and lemon, and you can get bespoke lettering embossed into the leather upon request. Just use the online design tool to personalise your pencil case.

Undercover sells a whole range of recycled leather products including Kindle sleeves, photo albums, notebooks, diaries, luggage labels and travel organisers. Undercover started out with its handmade notebooks twenty years ago and has been making leather accessories since. Its products are made by handpicked artisans in the UK and Undercover itself is based in the West Midlands. Undercover offers international shipping.


Fairly Traded

Fairly traded-(large)Undercover’s products are made by handpicked artisans in the UK, paid a fair wage for their work.


Environmentally-Friendly-(large)Using recycled leather has a smaller impact on the environment; all of Undercover’s products use recycled leather, saving old leather from landfill, and reducing the number of toxins released into the water in the process of making new leather.