Produce Boxes by FarmBox

Produce Boxes Delivered in San Francisco and LA, USA – from $39.95

FarmBox LA and SF are on a mission to connect people with their local farms and help them eat seasonal, locally grown organic food that helps the community and the environment. Through their website you can choose which kind of produce box is right for you, add any extras like fresh milk, bread, or eggs that you need and specify certain types of produce that you do not want them to put in your box. You can then schedule your purchases depending on how frequently you need them, and they will deliver your boxes right to your door. You can even return your produce scraps with your empty box before your next delivery, and they will turn any waste into compost.



Environmentally-Friendly-(large)Choosing to buy local, organic, and seasonal food is such a positive thing to do for the environment as it cuts down on your carbon footprint and encourages sustainable farming.

Many of the farmers that FarmBox work with are certified organic, and all of them use highly innovative and environmentally sustainable methods – Thorne Family Farms, for example, practise dry farming, which means that they properly prepare the soil and only use the irrigation that nature provides rather than using sprinklers. Apparently the result is a plant with incredible flavour, since the plant puts its energy into growing quality, not quantity – and it’s also better for the environment, too.

Fairly Traded

Fairly traded-(large)FarmBox list all of their producers on their website, and provide in-depth information about their location and farming practises. They evidently have a great, close working relationship with all of them, and enjoy promoting local farms and enterprises. You can find out more about the farmers for FarmBox LA, here, and for FarmBox SF, here.