Produce Boxes by Relay Foods

Local and Organic Produce Boxes

Relay Foods makes shopping for good quality sustainable groceries super simple, with online ordering and the option of pickup or convenient home delivery. They source their ingredients from a variety of local farms, and when you’re choosing what to buy you can either select the specific groceries that you want or opt to shop by meal plans designed by a registered dietician and customised to your personal or family’s needs. Sustainable eating has never been so easy.

Currently Relay Foods delivers in Charlottesville, VA Richmond, VA, Washington DC, Baltimore, MD, and the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, NC areas on the East Coast of the United States.



Environmentally-Friendly-(large)Relay Foods is all about enjoying food in a way that also protects and nurtures the environment that produces it. Buying produce from local farms means fewer carbon emissions, and seasonal eating helps promote sustainable farming practices. Many of their products are certified organic, although some of the farms are too small to be able to afford the time and money that it takes to get a USDA certification – Relay choose all of their farming partners based on their quality and sustainable farming practices, meaning that even if they don’t have certification, they are running sustainable farms.

As part of Relay’s recycling program, they track their packaging and remind customers to return it to them within 30 days. After this, if the packaging hasn’t been returned, there is a charge, which is refundable when the packaging is returned.

Fairly Traded

Fairly traded-(large)All of Relay Food’s producers are carefully selected to meet their criteria of high quality food and high quality working environments for everyone. Because there is no middle man, Relay Foods pay their suppliers more money for their produce than a big supermarket. Because they source everything locally, the supply chain is short and radically transparent; you can find out all about the suppliers and farmers they work with, here.

Gives Back

Gives back - badgeRelay Food works closely with their local community to donate a portion of their profits to sustainable food causes, schools, and children’s hospitals.