Raincoat by Hatley

Waterproof Splash Jacket – £49/$75

This PVC-free waterproof raincoat with detachable hood is a classic wardrobe staple. The lining is 78% cotton, and it has reflective safety piping on the back for increased visibility.

Hatley is a family-owned business that was founded in Canada before it expanded to the US and Europe.



Environmentally-Friendly-(large)Hatley’s products are carefully designed to last and be handed down rather than thrown away, being high quality and durable classic designs. They make as many of their products as possible from natural fibres, and use manufacturing facilities that work in an environmentally sensitive way.

Fairly Traded

Fairly traded-(large)Much of Hatley’s clothing production takes place in Tirupur, India, a city in the south of India with a booming textile industry but much poverty as well. They work with trusted manufacturers to support the local economy and provide people with a sustainable living and safe working conditions. They visit all of the factories involved in making Hatley products regularly, and make it a priority to understand the manufacturing processes, get to know the owners, and build meaningful relationships with them.

Gives Back

Gives back - badgeHatley started supporting an orphanage in Erode called Open Door Mercy Home Trust in 2012 that houses 22 boys and girls of all ages. The teacher and owner was an orphan himself, and he and his wife have two helpers; the four of them together look after the children. All of the children go to public school. Hatley help provide funding for food, clothing, computers, school supplies, and even a new roof. They have also taken them on field trips to surrounding areas the children had never been to. Pandit, one of Hatley’s suppliers supports the orphanage on a monthly basis.

North Hatley, where Hatley was founded, is located on Lake Massawippi in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada. The lake and local residents have suffered from the discovery of cyanobacteria in the water, and Hatley founded the Hatley Massawippi Water Initiative in 2007 to help the North Hatley community maintain clean and adequate water resources, to protect the health of local residents, and also maintain the local tourist industry and ecology. Hatley also donates a percentage of its profits and resources every year to the Lake Massawippi Water Protection Association, a lobby group that works to preserve the quality of the lake and its watershed.