Shirt by Visible Clothing

Purple Striped Shirt – £59

This purple striped cotton shirt looks great both with a suit or jeans, and is a limited edition garment made by a tailor in Vietnam.

Visible Clothing is committed to a model of radical transparency; not only do they tell you where your shirt was made, they also tell you exactly who made it. They also break down the pricing for you, so that you can see who was paid what.


Fairly Traded

Fairly TradedVisible Clothing was founded by a pair of friends who wanted to make a difference to the fashion industry after the Rana Plaza Factory collapse of 2013. By connecting their customers up with the people who made their clothes, they hope to provide the workers with opportunities to let us know whether they are happy with their working conditions. Each piece of clothing has been made in places where Visible Clothing has been able to be involved with creating opportunities for extreme poverty to be eradicated.