Sneakers by Veja

Low Top Suede Sneakers – €119

These fairly traded made-in-Brazil beauties have organic cotton uppers, low chrome leather sections, an inner sole of organic cotton, and soles made of wild rubber from the Amazon.

Veja is a French sneakers brand committed to environmental and social responsibility as well as beautiful design.

Fairly Traded

Fairly traded-(large)Veja’s cotton suppliers are all Fairtrade certified. To get the Fairtrade label, all steps in the chain, from the cotton harvest in Ceará to the head office in Paris – including canvas weaving and shoe assembling – must be monitored. The audit to verify adherence to the Fairtrade standards is carried out by the independent international certification agency FLO-cert. This means that Veja has been closely monitored by Fairtrade since it was founded, giving consumers confidence in their transparency and commitment to social justice.

The rubber tappers employed by Veja use an innovative technology that enables them to cut down on various intermediary industrial processes, thereby making more money from their work.

Veja sneakers are made in factories close to Porto Alegre, Brazil. They ensure that they go above and beyond the minimum required compliance with the core ILO Labour Standards. You can find out more about their extensive work ensuring that their sneakers are ethically produced, here.


Environmentally-Friendly-(large)97% of the cotton producers that Veja work with are now certified organic. Applying for certification is a laborious process, completed by each individual producer. Prohibited substances (synthetic fertilisers and pesticides, etc.) cannot be used on the land for three full years preceding harvest of the first organic certified crop – the required time for soils to discard any trace of chemical inputs. Organic growing is preferable for the environment, and also for the producers’ health. Organic farming also allows producers to sell cotton at higher prices and promotes crop rotation in farming.

Since 2007 Veja has been working with Bia Saldanha, the Brazilian Green Party co-founder and environmental activist, who provides technical support for the rubber tappers employed by Veja, and she coordinates the rubber supply chain. The survival of the Amazonian rainforest is dependent on more sustainable management of its resources, and a fairer price paid for latex provides an incentive for the locals to take care of the trees. Veja pays a higher price than the standard market price for natural rubber to encourage the preservation of this incredible forest.