Sun lotion by Green People

Organic Children’s Scentless Sun Lotion, SPF 30 – £16.95

This gentle sun lotion made with 78% certified organic ingredients offers effective protection against sunburn, blocking UVA and UVB rays, and is waterproof without blocking pores. It is non-greasy and moisturising, and is suitable even for sensitive skin eczema-prone skin. When you first apply it to skin it seems quite hard to rub in, but if you apply an evenly-spread thin coat all over exposed areas, you can let it sink in without excessive rubbing – the white marks fade away after a few minutes. This makes it a perfect children’s sun lotion, because it minimises the amount of time you have to get a wriggly child to stand still while you apply it. There’s no reason why adults shouldn’t use it too, though.

Green People promise to use sustainably sourced organic, cruelty free, and fairly traded ingredients, never using aggressive ingredients or synthetic chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, alcohol (ethanol) or synthetic fragrances or colourants that many mainstream brands use in their products. They have been awarded Ethical Accreditation with a high score of 92/100 by the Ethical Company Organisation for the past 13 years, as well as being published in the Good Shopping Guide.

Green People is based in the UK, sourcing fairly traded and organic ingredients worldwide. They provide international shipping.



Environmentally-Friendly-(large)Green People helped to set the standard for certified organic beauty and skin products in the UK, being one of the first companies to have cosmetic products certified as organic by the Soil Association just after their cosmetic Standard was launched in 2002. They have also been independently certified as organic by the Organic Food Federation and EcoCert, which means that every organic ingredient is fully traceable right back to the farmer and patch of land where the crop originally came from. Almost 90% of Green People’s ingredients are certified by at least one of these three organisations, and the company’s long-term goal is to make that figure 100%.

Cruelty Free

Cruelty free-(large)Green People explain on their website that they chose not to sign up to be certified as cruelty free with the BUAV leaping bunny symbol, even though they meet all of the requirements of that organisation. Applying for certification takes time and money, and they believe that the fact that they are registered with the Vegan Society, as well as certified as organic by EcoCert, Soil Association, and the Organic Food Federation adequately demonstrates that no animal testing has taken place.

They also explain that some brands make use of a loophole in EU law that means that they can call themselves ‘cruelty free’ even if they have used ingredients that were tested on animals outside of Europe (for example in China, where testing on animals rather than humans is the law). Green People do not do this.

Gives Back

Gives back - badgeFor each product sold, Green People donate 30p to the Marine Conservation Society, a charity dedicated to protecting the UK’s seas, shores, and marine wildlife. Company-wide across all their product ranges, they donate 10% of their net profits to environmental charities.