Tablet Case by Paperthinks

Recycled Leather Tablet Case – £30

Elegance and simplicity is the name of the game with this little beauty. Made to fit an iPad 2 or 3, this tablet case has hidden magnetic closure, 4 mm thickness suede to protect your screen, and a leather strip enclosure to make sure your iPad is safely secured. It is made from recycled leather, and comes in a large variety of neutral, earthy tones as well as fun, bright ones.

Paperthinks is a stylish accessories brand based in the UK that uses 100% recycled leather across their entire range.



Environmentally-Friendly-(large)Paperthinks have perfected the art of remaking old leather scraps and offcuts into beautiful, vibrant new material that’s as good as new, but without the environmental cost. Most leather products put animal welfare at the bottom of their priority list, as well as often using polluting carcinogenic chromium tannins to dye the leather that usually end up in local water systems. Paperthinks use industrial offcuts and scrap leather from the wastage of other manufacturing processes like the welding industry making cow leather gloves and jackets in Asia, which reduces the amount of material that goes into landfill. They use a colour treatment to make their beautiful range of hues that doesn’t involve harmful chemicals that pollute water, instead opting for a lower impact laminate technique.

Cruelty Free

Cruelty free-(large)While using recycled leather is technically cruelty free because it is simply saving old leather from landfill instead of using new animal skins, these products are obviously not vegan because they are leather. However, you can rest assured that no new animals were killed in the making of these accessories, as Paperthinks make their entire range from 100% scrap leather and offcuts that would have otherwise been thrown away.