Toothbrush by Bogobrush

Eco Toothbrush – $9.50

We didn’t think it was possible to get this excited about a toothbrush, but it really is: Bogobrush make two types of eco-friendly (and beautifully designed, to boot) toothbrush, one from recycled plastic, and the other from plant-based bioplastic. What is more, for every toothbrush you buy, they donate one to a person in need through partners working in dental and healthcare clinics in low-income areas around the States.

We also love that you can buy a stand with your toothbrush, too.

Gives Back

Gives back - badgeA portion of profits from each brush goes towards funding free toothbrushes along with medical and dental treatment given by Bogobrush’s partners in low-income areas in the USA.


Environmentally-Friendly-(large)Whether your priority is reducing waste by using recycled plastic, or by using plant based bio plastic, the choice is yours. Their recycled plastic toothbrush is also easily recyclable, and their plant based bioplastic toothbrush is made from leftover plant material from American farms, and can be composted after use (you have to remove the bristles first, though).

Fairly Traded

Fairly traded-(large)Every part of the Bogobrush is made in the USA. Pretty awesome.