Toothpaste by Jack N’ Jill

Natural Fluoride-Free Raspberry Toothpaste – £4.99

Every parent knows how hard it can be to get your young child to brush their teeth – this toothpaste has been known to work miracles in that department, and we think it's because the natural raspberry flavour tastes so good. You can also rest assured that because it is made from all-natural ingredients as well as being fluoride-free, sugar-free, colour-free, SLS-free, and without preservatives, it doesn't really matter how much your little one swallows. It contains organic calendula to help soothe gums. The tube is made from BPA-free recyclable plastic.



Environmentally-Friendly-(large)Jack N’ Jill use all natural certified organic ingredients in their toothpastes, and design all of their packaging to be minimal, compostable, and recyclable. They do not use GMO ingredients or palm oil derivatives in their products.