Washing-Up Liquid, Bio D

Concentrated Washing-Up Liquid – £1.99

Bio-D is an all-round wonder brand that consistently receives the highest rankings across the board in Ethical Consumer’s cleaning product comparisons. Independent, family-owned and ethically-motivated, the company is dedicated to promoting the use of hypoallergenic, environmentally responsible detergents that have the smallest possible impact on our ecosystems in terms of both their everyday use and their manufacturing process. For many good reasons that are explained in detail on their website, all Bio-D products are free from phosphates, EDTA (a form of acid), enzymes, optical brighteners, chlorine bleaches, petroleum-derived additives, and genetically-modified ingredients.

The Concentrated Washing-Up Liquid is unscented and low-foaming, making it great for those with allergies or sensitive skin. (For everyone else, don’t be put off by the thought of a dishwashing session without the fun of bubbles: ‘low foam’ doesn’t mean no foam!) A little goes a long way, and it works well on both light grease and burnt-on stains alike. Even better, it’s extremely reasonably-priced for a 750ml bottle that seems to last forever.



Environmentally-Friendly-(large)Wherever possible, all raw materials used in Bio-D products are plant-derived, readily biodegradable, and sustainably obtained from renewable sources. All packaging is made from a high percentage of recycled material and is, in itself, fully recyclable. The company also holds the ISO 14001 Environmental Standard.

Cruelty Free

Cruelty free-(large)Bio D never tests on animals, and none of the products contain animal by-products – making them suitable for vegans. The company has been approved by The Vegan Society, Naturewatch Trust, Cruelty Free International, and The World Wildlife Foundation.