Waterproof Jacket by Finisterre

Insulated Waterproof Jacket – £195

Designed to shield you from the elements, this jacket means business. It has a light but incredibly warm recycled insulation fill that still allows the jacket to be packed away to a travel-friendly size, and is fully water resistant, windproof, and breathable. It comes in bright blue, navy, or black.

Finisterre is a British brand that specialise in making cold water and weather proof clothing for men and women. Their products are made to last, from responsibly sourced fabrics and factories that respect people and the environment. Their “I-Spy” traceability programme allows customers to find out where and how each product was made. The more you look into Finisterre, the more you find out about their processes, the more you’ll fall in love with their brand and products.


Fairly Traded

Fairly TradedYou’ll be hard-pressed to find a more transparent supply chain than Finisterre’s. They believe that total transparency, close relationships, and harmonious production makes for better end products, and as part of their “I-Spy” traceability programme you can find out all about the producers and even organise to go on a factory tour.


Environmentally FriendlyBelieving that durability is the key to a sustainable product, Finisterre guarantee against manufacturing defects, carefully testing all of their fabrics and products, and making sure that each one is easily repairable. They source all of their fabrics sustainably, using minimal water and low impact toxins. UK sourced wool is their go-to fibre, because of its thermo-regulating and anti bacterial properties, as well as being natural, biodegradable, and possible to sustainably source close by to their workshop in the UK. It currently makes up around 25% of the wool in their collections. They are committed to shrinking their supply chain and sourcing fabrics as locally as possible to the manufacturers, to reduce their carbon footprint.